What to Expect from Psychiatric Medication Management

What to Expect from Psychiatric Medication Management

What to expect during your appointments

Be ready to discuss your sleep, activities and interests, energy, concentration, appetite, emotions, thoughts, relationships and behavior. Weight is generally checked each visit. Treatment may last approximately one year. Safety plans are developed for individuals who may need them.


What to share

Being completely open and honest about your medications, medical history and symptoms are crucial to safe, effective care.


What to expect from medication

To feel better! On average, with medication, it takes most people 30-60 minutes to fall asleep.  It may take up to 2 weeks for people to begin to feel better on medication for anxiety, depression, and other symptoms.


Side effects and adverse reactions

One goal of medication management is to minimize or eliminate side effects.  Read the pharmacy handout on the medication you are taking.  Consult the office or pharmacy if you have any questions. Be familiar with the more common side effects. Be aware that rare side effects may occur.  If symptoms worsen or if you experience side effects call the office or seek medical attention.


Primary and medical care

It is important to follow-up with any blood labs that need to be drawn related to medication that you may be taking.  It is important to follow-up annually with your primary care provider for your routine annual exam and labs.



Individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults

Individual psychotherapy sessions are 50 minute long and tailored to client goals.  Your therapist will collaborate with you to reduce aggravating symptoms, improving overall mood, increase motivation, and help you find the hope necessary to overcome personal struggles.